Seafaring Summer pt.2 A Pirate’s Life

08-02-16_2:47:13 AM

Daily Outfit:

Skin | Pralinesims’ FIT Skin Shades

Eyebrows | Screaming Mustard’s Sydney Brows

Freckles | PauleanR’s Freckles N1

Hair | LeahLillith’s Soundwave Hair

Lips | Screaming Mustard’s Duo Lip Color

Eyeliner | Pralinesims’ Dragonic Eyeliner

Eyeshadow | Nightcrawler’s Eyeshadow 1

Eyepatch | S-Club’s Rivet Eyemask

Top | RemusSirion’s Phlox Top

Pants | Zuckerschnute20’s Summer Pants V

Boots | Maxis in-game content

Overcoat | SLYD’s Accessory Wool Coat

Necklace | Toksik’s Sky Necklace

Bracelet | Toksik’s Lavish Watch and Bangles


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 3.41.18 AM.png

Formal Outfit:

Lips | Screaming Mustard’s Matte Eve Lipcolour

Dress | Sims2fanbg’s Summer Dress

Boots | MJ95’s Madlen Rimini Boots

Everything else is the same as previously mentioned.


08-02-16_3:42:47 AM.png


Top | EsyraM’s Cropped Tops

Pants | Zuckerschnute20’s Summer Pants IV

Shoes | Maxis in-game content


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 3.55.35 AM.png


Night Gown | Ekinege’s Strapless Maxi Dress


08-02-16_4:21:18 AM.png

Party Outfit:


Top |  Ekinege’s Off the Shoulder Ruffle Top

Pants | Zuckerschnute20’s Summer Pants V

Shoes | MJ95’S Madlen Mitra Boots

Necklace | Toksik’s Lotta That Necklace


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.43.29 AM.png


Swimsuit | Birba32’s String Swimsuit Z

Necklace | Pralinesims’ Fleur de Lis Choker

Tattoo | Luvjake’s Mermaid and Anchor Thigh Tattoo

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